Having troubles finding high quality childcare in Red Deer? You have come to the right place. We take pride in our daycare and our satisfied customers – we hope these testimonials will tell you why we’re one of the best daycares in Red Deer!


“We absolutely love Mommy and Daddy Daycare”

My son has been going to Mommy and Daddy Daycare since his first birthday and has loved every minute that he is there. Every day that I bring him to the daycare, I feel at peace knowing that he is in a caring place where he is always learning new things. I am very happy with the program they follow, which encourages my son to learn through play. I always look forward to the parent-teacher interviews – through the discussion with the teacher, I can see all of the progress my son has made. It amazes me every he tells me about the new things he’s learned, such as when he speaks Spanish or can name letters in the alphabet. When my son has been away sick, it warms my heart when we receive a call from the daycare, checking in to see how he is doing and tell us they miss him. These are some of the reasons why we absolutely love Mommy and Daddy Daycare!

With Kindergarten coming around the corner, I feel confident that my son will be ready for the next big step to a new school. And we thank Mommy and Daddy Daycare for helping my son get ready for this new chapter.

– Kristine Huber

“The best daycare I have found”

Mommy and Daddy Daycare is the best Daycare I have found. My three year old daughter often experienced some separation anxiety. When I would drop her off, the teachers are always waiting patiently and coming up with new ways to help calm her when I leave. The staff are very thoughtful, compassionate, and you can tell they really love the kids. The demonstrate their amazing understanding of how to relate to children and how to facilitate their cognitive growth and development.

My daughter loves getting to go on field trips with the daycare to fun and exciting places, such as the splash park, the parade, the hidden park, and the treehouse. I appreciate that they are always planning fun activities. When I pick her up, she always has a story to tell me about her day!

The safety of the children is a number one priority! The teachers always give a recap of how her day was of if there was an incident. When my daughter has fallen and scraped her knee, they have an incident report, explaining the details of how she fell, which teacher helped her, and the first aid treatment.

It is nice knowing that I can trust the people who are taking care of my daughter when I am not able to! I highly recommend Mommy and Daddy Daycare to any parent who is looking for top quality childcare.

– Maloree Wozniczka

“I can’t say enough about the wonderful staff”

My son has been going to Mommy and Daddy Daycare since he was 18 months old. The staff provide a loving and educational environment. I feel great knowing that he is well taken care of when I have to work. I honestly can’t say enough about the wonderful staff there. I wouldn’t want to bring him anywhere else. I trust the staff and feel very good about leaving my son with them. At the end of the day, he always tells me he had a great day!

– Erica Legge

“They make you feel like family”

Mommy and Daddy Daycare are always very welcoming and make you feel like family. I don’t worry about my children when in the care of Mommy and Daddy Daycare. They are loved and cared for as if they were their own children.

– Samantha Bouchard