Philosophy and Mission Statement

Mommy and Daddy Daycare is an English-Spanish bilingual daycare that believes in the importance of skill development in all children. We base our program at the preschool level where we teach children in English and Spanish. We aim to prepare the children for Kindergarten classes by practicing letters, numbers, arts and craft, colouring, listening skills, and writing.

We strongly believe that children learn through play. You children will enjoy scheduled activities throughout the day (routines, circle time, meals, excursions, etc.) as well free as time to play together in the centre. Our aim is to encourage a good balance of structure, learning, play, and exploration.

It is our duty as certified caregivers to assist in your child(ren)’s social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, and moral development. We help the children to develop positive self-esteem and self-concept, positive communication skills, positive interpersonal relationship skills, responsibility, independence, and much more in a safe, loving, and supportive setting.


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At Mommy and Daddy Daycare, we believe in Learning Through Play! Each of our program spaces are divided into activity centres where children can enjoy a variety of developmentally appropriate activities like arts and crafts, reading, dramatic play, manipulative play, etc.

The centre also features a secure, fully enclosed, outdoor play area with lots of possibilities for play. It features a play centre with two slides and stairs as well as logs for climbing. It also has a sand and water table to encourage tactile play and learning. Our outdoor space is a great way for children to play, learn, and get some fresh air!

Both the indoor and outdoor play centres are set up so the staff can effectively supervise the children at all times, while also encouraging the children to develop autonomy through exploration and self-directed activities. Spontaneous playtime and scheduled activities all take place in a supervised and positive environment.

Our centre is conveniently located in Downtown Red Deer, where we have access to parks, the library, and public transit. This gives us the opportunity to explore the many of the resources our beautiful city has to offer.


As a licensed and accredited daycare, our staff are all fully certified as Child Development Assistants, Workers, and/or Supervisors. We are lucky enough to employ staff who also have experience working as teachers in the Philippines. We currently have 7 wonderful staff members at the daycare centre.


Throughout the day, the children are provided with a morning snack, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack. We serve the children nutritious, wholesome food based on the Canadian Nutritional Food Guide to ensure they grow healthy and strong!